FILBERTS (Hazelnuts) - Retail Only

Walnuts - Retail Only

Honey - Retail Only

Elephant Garlic - Wholesale & Retail

Italian Garlic - Wholesale & Retail

Shallots - Retail Only

Elephant and Italian Garlic -Retail and wholesale prices Varieties of Italian Garlic: Soft Neck: Italian Late (also available in braids) A great traditional garlic flavor, keeps 6-9 months Hard Neck: Chesnook - Nice strong consistent flavor, great for baking, keeps 6 months. Deerfield - 5 star flavor, starts out mild and finishes with fervor of spice. (Builds in flavor) Great in fresh salsa, 6 month keeper. Dujanski - A burst of fiery flavor that mellows out with a pleasant after-taste. Seems to keep longer 6-8 months. Shallots: Variety; - Ambition, good keeper great flavor (cross between onion and garlic.) Honey: Varieties; Wildflower, Clover, local Raw Honey.


Loughridge Farm offers the following products at either Wholesale, Retail or both.

We crack the nuts we sell on the farm, free of charge, to our customers. Filberts – variety Jefferson, keep up to a year in the shell. Walnuts – variety Howards, large in size, mild flavor keep 4 months, can also be frozen to last longer.

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